Services and Reviews

CLASSIC MASSAGE - Swedish massage, which is the basis of therapeutic massage, a means of relieving tension and stress after the exertion of the working day.

SPORTS MASSAGE - A means of relieving tension and restoring muscles after training.

BABY MASSAGE - Helps in the normal and healthy development of the child.

MASSAGE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN - Relieves physical and mental stress of the body, such as pain in the back, legs, tension in the shoulder girdle and neck, mental stress and sleep disorders. Helps the pregnant woman's body adapt to new conditions.

ANTI-CELLULITE MASSAGE - As the name suggests - helps in getting rid of cellulite.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY - Can release trigger points, restore normal metabolism in the area, and relieve excruciating pain. So restore the quality of life.

REFLEXOLOGY - A diagnostic and therapeutic tool based on the reflex action and nerve connections of our body.

KINESIO TAPING - A method that provides constant support for muscles and tendons, helping to reduce pain.

SITUATIONAL/THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - Solves many health problems and relieves pain.

SEGMENTAL MASSAGE - allows you to influence different parts of the nervous system and thereby correct the work of specific organs and systems.

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE - It is used for swelling, lymph stagnation, hair problems, postoperative recovery.

CUPPING MASSAGE - Stimulates the human immune system, is a means of preventing colds and restoring the body.

CORRECTIVE MASSAGE - Means for tightening and body shaping.

AROMATIC MASSAGE - A remedy for relaxation and restoration. The use of aromatic oils affects the central nervous system. Depending on the oil chosen, a stimulating or sedative effect is manifested.

TUI NA - Classic Chinese massage is used to maintain well-being and health.

GUA SHA - It is a Chinese therapy, diagnosing and relieving many health problems where other massages are powerless.

THAI MASSAGE - Restores, energizes.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE - The strongest prophylactic against dozens of diseases.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - A good remedy for headaches.

REIKI - A system of transmission of universal life energy, the healing powers of which are transmitted through the hands.

SHIATSU - Traditional Japanese therapy based on the theory of qi energy circulation.

AUTHOR's MASSAGE - includes techniques from different types of massages that allow you to work out all the main muscle groups. Shape.